About Us

Our Mission Statement

The South Country Community Conference is a 501 c3 not for profit organization. We act as a liaison for the local residents and businesses to various groups, government agencies, departments and elected officials who provide goods and services to the community. We work to achieve a safe,clean and pleasant environment to live, work,conduct business and raise a family. Our effort is to find common sense solutions to quality of life issues.

We counsel and inform people on current events, neighborhood conditions, and how to methods. Our meetings are a forum for the exchange of ideas and a place to speak out and be heard. Jobs and recreational opportunities are a priority. We represent the community at other meetings and boards. We promote community cleanups, beautification projects and Adopt a Road or place efforts.

We routinely survey and report street conditions such as pot holes, missing traffic signs, street lights out, uncollected or dumped garbage and debris, road hazards, stolen or abandoned cars and vacant and abandoned houses that need to be boarded up. Unfenced swimming pools and other dangerous conditions like electric wires down and trees ready to fall.

We coordinate and advise the local Community Patrol and refer complaints, observations, and intelligence to the proper venues. When available we distribute clothes, furniture , food, plants,grass seed and leaf and litter bags.

The South Country Community Conference accepts donations of food, clothing or furniture and will distribute these donations to groups and/or individuals in need in our community.

We now maintain a drug intervention and counseling division for chemically dependent persons, their families and friends.